CAPD DynSys Library  4.0
CAPD repositories

SVN repositories

The CAPD packages are split among four Subversion repositories:

repository packages
capd capdAlg, capdAux, capdExt, capdMake
capdDynSys capdDynSys version 3.0
capdDynSys4 capdDynSys version 4.0
capdRedHom capdRedHom
capdExtHom capdExtHom

Public access to repositories via https.

The source code is available from public repository. The access to repositories is read-only: one can checkout and update the sources but cannot submit any local changes.

To checkout the latest version of the code:

Access to repositories for developers of the CAPD library.

Developers of the CAPD should work with repositories via ssh connection to the server. We suggest to use login with a public key.

To checkout the latest version of the code:

  • checkout base packages
     svn co svn+ssh://<user>
  • enter capd directory
    cd capd
  • checkout capdDynsys4 package
    svn co svn+ssh://<user>
  • checkout capdRedHom package
    svn co svn+ssh://<user>
  • checkout capdExtHom package
    svn co svn+ssh://<user>
    Three last steps are optional, but capdRedHom requires capdExtHom package.


Under construction.

Working with SVN

To commit changes you can do the following

svn status shows changes.
svn update updates your copy to the latest version.
svn add newfile.cpp adds newfile.cpp to version control (it does not submit it).
svn commit file -m "Commit message" commits ''file'' to the repository. If file name is not given it submits all added and changed files.