CAPD DynSys Library  4.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NcapdThis class provides a trait of being set of a given type, i.e
 NcovrelCovering relations, H-sets, cones conditions
 NcxscFast interval library
 NdiffInclA rigorous integration of the differential inclusions
 NdynsetVarious set representations that can be moved with dynamical systems
 NfilibFast interval library
 NgeomsetDefinitions of sets as geometrical objects which can represent different shapes
 NintervalsInterval arithmetics
 NmapFunctions and Maps
 NmatrixAlgorithmsMatrix algorithms: Gauss elimination, orthonormalization, QR decomposition etc
 NpoincareThis namespace contains classes to compute Poincare Maps and Time Maps
 CBinomial< 0, 0 >
 CBinomial< 0, K >
 CBinomial< N, 0 >
 CBinomial< N, N >
 CFactorial< 0 >
 CFactorial< 1 >
 CTypeTraitsDefines type traits such as their values zero, one etc
 CTypeTraits< ::capd::intervals::Interval< T, RT > >Specialization of TypeTraits for intervals
 CTypeTraits< capd::cxsc::Interval >Specialization for intervals
 CTypeTraits< capd::filib::Interval< T, R, M > >Specialization for intervals
 CTypeTraits< capd::multiPrec::MpReal >
 CTypeTraits< int >Traits of type int
 CTypeTraits< std::complex< T > >
 CTypeTraits< T * >
 CTypeTraits< Z2 >Traits of type Z2
 CTypeTraits< Zp >Traits of type Zp
 COp< capd::filib::Interval< BoundType, R, M > >
 Clogtwo< 0 >
 CMatrixSliceThis class represents a matrix without own container and data it is used for operations on submatrices
 CMichelsonFadMapThe Michelson system is reversible with respect to involution (x,y,z,t) -> (-x,y,-z,-t) We check rigorous C^0-C^1 solvers for preserving this property
 CpowerThree< 0 >
 CSetProperties< SetT, false >